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Kalen Thorien

What is your favorite feature in the SNOCRU app?

I love being able to track my vertical feet and see where I've wandered throughout the day while at the same time see where my apres buddies are at when I'm ready to grab a cold beer!

What motivates you?

Waking up happy everyday. I can't imagine a greater feeling nor a better goal. If you're able to wake up smiling and excited every morning, then you must be doing something right.

What is your goal for the 2014/15 season?

To expand my horizons and abilities as a skier and adventurer. To step off trail more and not be nervous to get weird in new places. To push my limits and imagination when it comes to putting together missions and focus on human powered, multi sport expeditions with an emphasis on conservation and exploration.

SNOCRU is reporting a 20 inch dump, where are you going?

Alta Ski Area for a few bottomless laps and then off into the backcountry if its safe!

What makes you different than other skiers?

I can't say I'm any different than other skiers. We all share the same passion and stoke for snow and the outdoors so to consider myself unique seems strange...almost egotistical. But I will say I fall into a smaller niche of skiers who are trying to appreciate and conserve our backcountry, push our limits physically and mentally, and create a life that's based on pursuing adventure and fun vs. the standard societal route of security and white picket fences. Living out of a tent and not knowing what I'm doing that day is perfection in my eyes.

Why Alta (LCC)?

It's where I got my start and is a company that's always been excited about my skiing and has supported me since day one. That also feeds in to how they run their resort. They take care of their own and they aren't trying to be the next big new ski destination. They stay true to who they are, their roots, and it's all about deep snow and fresh turns for them. They have a pure soul and that's always drawn me to Alta.

What kind of skiing do you love most?

Mmmmm, I'd have to say storm skiing in the trees in the backcountry...preferably in BC. Lots of little pillow poppers and mini golf as well as bottomless untracked pow. Nom nom nom

Why work with SNOCRU?

SnoCru is hands down the most excited company about skiing. These guys are out every day crushing pow and pursuing fresh turns. The people who run SnoCru ski more than I do! You can feel that energy exuding from them as well and to know that an app has stemmed from such rad people is motivating enough to always work with them.

What does “Turn the Mountains On!” means to you?

It means to slowly make your way up a skin track, gently, just to see how it feels. Maybe whisper sweet nothings softly into his ear. Let the hair from your skins caress his fresh white face. As you move along maybe quicken the pace a bit, not too aggressively, but enough so he knows your coming...then right when you reach the top, rip the skins, lock in, and give him a hell of ride...