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"SNOCRU is hands down the most excited company about skiing. These guys are out every day crushing pow and pursuing fresh turns."

Kalen Thorien
Professional Athlete

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Ben Dvorak

Open the app, and you will find everything from homies to where your grabbin that burger later..or Mac n cheese Read More

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Chris Wilder

Skiing allows me to express myself and to explore nature in so many places. The freedom of getting off a lift or hiking to a Read More

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Bryce Etter

I ski because it feels natural. I learned how to ski at the age of 3 in Big Sky, Montana and never looked back. Read More

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Cari Breslin

I grew up skiing at Jay Peak, VT. My Dad was a ski patroller, so we would always spend the weekends on the mountain. Read More

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Chris Ogren

I ski because it makes me happy. When I find something that can put a bigger smile on my face than a foot of fresh Read More

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Danny Walton

I have a fast and fluid flow to skiing and I love sharing the stoke for telemark skiing. Read More

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Andy Perry

I try and focus on things no one else would ever think of. Read More

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Mitchell Brower

I won Level 1's Superunknown contest in 2014, and now I'm part of the Level 1 crew Read More

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Owen Leeper

Skiing for me consisted of going around looking for anything to jump off. Read More

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Brock Butterfield

I still claim Beaver Mountain as my home mountain because it’s where I grew up and is one of the last Mom and Pop resorts. Read More

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Giray Dadali

Just some guys brother Read More

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Julian Carr

I love that I can know where my friends are, but I can see where other shredders are too, to make new friends. Read More

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Kalen Thorien

I like skiing lots of little pillow poppers and mini golf as well as bottomless untracked pow. Nom nom nom Read More

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Rob Aseltine

There are no “kinds” of skiing to me. It’s all skiing. Read More

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Ed Lewis

SNOCRU is a great idea that will improve all skiers and riders on mountain experience. Read More

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Ryan Vincent

I like to ski absolutely everything. Rails, Jumps, Pow, Hardpack. Suit up, Send it! Read More

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Seth Morse

Skiing provides a sense of freedom that liberates my heart, soul, body, and mind. Read More

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