• 524,599,978

    Total Vert (ft.)
  • 45,358

  • 360,234

  • 204,619

  • Tracking

    SNOCRU allows you to track your top speed, distance, altitude, vertical gain / descent, number of runs and current slope angle.

  • Leaderboards

    Time to walk the walk. Check out the SNOCRU Leaderboards to see where you rank.

  • CRU

    Invite your friends to join your CRU and track your day on the slopes together.

  • Resorts

    SNOCRU Resorts provides a summary of conditions, snowfall, weather, and a variety of SNOCRU features that define awesome!

  • Activity Feed

    Throw up a High Five for a feed dedicated to pictures, check­in’s, and comments provided by your CRU.


  • Speed

    Using built-in speedometer functionality, SNOCRU provides you with accurate speed data, perfect for measuring your downhill or uphill speed on the slopes.

  • Distance

    Measure your distance in miles or kilometers throughout the day, perfect for long runs or a spent touring in the backcountry.

  • Runs

    SNOCRU uses built-in GPS functionality to track the number of runs you take throughout the day.

  • Altitude

    Monitor and measure your altitude throughout the day. SNOCRU will automatically capture the starting altitude of your Track, as well as the highest altitude of the day.